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Hailing from Melbourne and channelling the likes of Lana del Rey, Kygo, and Des’ree, Ambience of Carolina blends a broad spectrum of musical genres to move listeners with her unique style of electronic pop. Her debut self-titled EP delivers a journey in emotions, showcasing the darkness, beauty, and complications that we all experience in life, but always with an overarching theme of hope and positivity.

The six-track EP finds it’s grounding in Ambience of Carolina’s personal life experience and view of the world, delivered with an obvious passion for music. As well as the original works, the EP features a haunting cover of Massive Attack’s ‘Teardrop’.

In a time when many mainstream pop artists are criticised for their shallow lyrics and lack of true connection, Ambience of Carolina delivers tracks that are all about making her audience feel the music and be moved by it, whether with happiness or sorrow. Delivering such emotionally powerful music with modern pop sensibilities, she certainly has earned the name of ‘Ambience’.

Her new single "Missing you" due for release 28th February 2018 (her mothers 70th birthday) was written in honor of her mother who passed away a year ago. It showcases the heart aching emotion of loosing the ones you love & how love truely never "dies".

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